Whilst being dedicated to encouraging people to explore new horizons in outdoor activity, we hold safety in the utmost regard. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standards and when under our control, used well within its technical limits. To reassure people of the priority paid to this point, we have summarised key elements of our working policy below:

Climbing, Mountain Walking

Club instructors have been trained and are highly experienced in the activities they lead.  Qualifications vary from individual to individual but we are always happy to explain the levels held.  Several leaders have the recognised “Mountain Leader” and “Single Pitch” awards for these two activities.

 Professional Guides

For activities not led by club leaders, such as parascending, dry slope skiing, caving, we use recognised organisations to take on this responsibility. Whilst we participate in the activity, safety is in the hands of the organisation running the programme.

(Details can be obtained on request).

First aid

All instructors have had “emergency first aid training” with many being fully qualified “First Aiders”.

 Care and Counselling

As an organisation actively involved with young people, we ensure that all leaders are checked against “police records” through the Criminal Records Bureau ‘Enhanced Check’.


All club activities are covered by third party “public liability” insurance arranged in association with our affiliation to Pro-Action Hertfordshire, an organisation set up to provide training and support to voluntary youth organisations.

No responsibility or insurance cover can be provided to participants belongings.

 “In our view, to learn experience and grow, people must have the confidence that their safety is number one, without losing the element of adventure and fun.”

 Myk Devenish

SNHAC Chairman                                                                                            7th October 2013