Members Stevenage and North Herts Adventure Club is a club run by volunteers. By joining an event you will be listed as a "member" with the following benefits

 1.    On your first booking we will take a 2 donation to stay enrolled as a member for 2 years. (To manage this we need an email address to send your details).

2.    You can quote our discount code at cotswold outdoor and gain a club discount (amounts vary on goods, but 10-20% is common)

3.    You will get access to club equipment such as camping gear, ruck sacks and be able to join in with adventure sports under guidance from the qualified leaders.

 4.    Some events (like weekend trips) have expenses which we ask members to contribute toward with donations. Before the start of an event we will estimate the value and let you decide on attendance. Adults are expected to donate twice as much as juniors (below 18yrs).